Bars & Nightclubs

Everything But The Food POS keeps your bar running quickly and efficiently.


Increase Order Fulfillment Speed
  • The customizable screens provide one touch ordering
  • Bartender guide provides recipes and instructions for hundreds of drinks including ingredients, type of glass, and garnish
  • System automatically adjusts pricing based on time or day of week making it ideal for Happy Hour pricing while eliminating abuse of time sensitive specials
Faster Checkout – Configured in a variety of ways to increase check-out speed such as:
  • One swipe credit card payments – no need to press anything, just swipe the credit card any time on any screen to process the payment.
  • One touch cash checkout – Our system will automatically display the 6 most like amounts of cash based on the total due.
Detailed Pour Reports
  • Accurately track liquor sales i.e. regular vs. happy hour pricing
  • System allows for easy up-selling to premium liquors and allows up to six pours levels for each liquor for accurate pricing and tracking
  • Preconfigure up to six pours levels for each liquor for accurate pricing and tracking
Easy Tab Management – With a single credit card swipe, the system:
  • Reauthorizes the card
  • Opens & Names the tab with the name on the card
  • Places tab with other tabs which can be sorted alphabetically or chronologically
  • Display tabs by customer name, seat or table number
  • The shared tabs features allow for multiple bartenders using different terminals to access and add drinks to a single tab