Gift & Loyalty Services

Easy to train

The oneMetrix viGuest system is onePOS’s loyalty solution and is built into the onePOS Terminal application, allowing easy and intuitive access to all functionality around the loyalty system. We have gone further to allow servers and managers to access loyalty functions right when they need them, from within a guest check or right on the manager menu.

Fast and accurate to use

Finding existing members or adding new ones is accomplished quickly right at the time of purchase. Customers can be assigned a physical card, the server can lookup an account by name, phone number, or E-Mail address, or an associated credit card (don’t worry – it’s PCI compliant).

Points are automatically awarded to an account based on what items are on the check – the server does not have to make a decision on how many points to award. Redemptions are just as easy using coupons that automatically remove points from a customer’s rewards account.

Impress your guests

Extremely fast approvals over the Internet (SSL); lookups and point awards happen in as little as 2 seconds. Your customers do not have to carry around yet another rewards card. Automatic linking to their credit cards allows them to participate in viGuest simply by paying with the known credit card. Loyalty promotions are definable where bonus points can be awarded on certain days of the week and time of the day for desired items – delight your wine drinkers with double points on Tuesday night!

Tools to manage effectively

The oneMetrix web portal allows management to run various reports to analyze viGuest participation and program effectiveness. Track what points are being earned and redeemed system-wide and for every guest.

More bottom line profit

Not only does viGuest keep your customers coming back to both earn and redeem their rewards points, it allows you to build business by targeting certain customers for additional promotions.

Integration with Constant Contact allows selection of customers who meet certain criteria (birthdays, anniversaries, days since the last visit, etc.) and the creation of targeted marketing E-Mail campaigns.

Flexibility to meet your needs

Whether you are operating a fine dining, counter service, or quick service restaurant… a night club, high volume sports bar, or a billiards parlor… or a combination of any of these… only one POS system can meet your needs… onePOS.

Easy and friendly to use
  • An integral part of the entire POS application puts the desired activities where you would expect them, including the activation, earning, and redemption of a oneMetrix viGuest card
  • Use the oneMetrix web portal to review and manually perform transactions
  • Automatically ties activity to a guest check, ensuring correct guest crediting and system balancing
The power you need
  • Extremely fast processing over the Internet
  • Real-time balance updating ensures accuracy and consistency among all of your locations
  • Flexible card types allow you to configure the system for your unique and ever-changing needs and promotions
Reports to manage by
  • Query a card’s full history through any web browser in real time, solving guest inquiries on the spot
  • Monitor outstanding oneMetrix viGuest balances and redemption rates via built-in reports at any time and from anywhere.
  • For multi-unit clients, site-to-site reporting makes month end reconciliation a snap
Highlighted Features
  • Multiple types of points can be active at the same time. Earn one rewards point per dollar spent while earning one appetizer point for each appetizer. When 100 rewards points have been earned, you can redeem for a $10 credit – and when 10 appetizers have been purchased, your next one is on the house.
  • An item may award up to 5 different types of points, with point values that vary based on the time of day or day of the week. Offer double points on wine on Tuesday nights and triple points on burgers on Wednesday.
  • Redemptions can be configured by loyalty type and point amount. Offer a free appetizer for 100 points, a free entrée for 200, or a free cup of coffee after you buy 10.
  • New accounts can be created right from within a guest check or the manager menu.
  • Modify existing accounts from the manager or server menus. Change phone numbers, email addresses, and link credit cards to an account simply and quickly without ever leaving the POS Terminal application.
  • Loyalty cards are the quickest way to setup new accounts and tag to a check. Phone number or email address searching from within the check also allows a server to quickly find a customer’s account.
  • Customers may opt to associate a credit card number to their account to have the awards linked as soon as they pay for their meal.
  • Customizable receipt messages are printable based on the customer type and the number of award points available.
  • Reports are available via the oneMetrix portal which shows the customers in the system with their point levels, activity on those accounts, and activity by location – all definable by times during the day and for a given date range.
  • A customer’s full history can be viewed and printed in the event of any activity questions or concerns.
  • Customer lists can be filtered by several criteria including birthday, anniversary, total visits in a certain time period, etc., and automatically send them to Constant Contact or export them for emailing through your own email tool.
  • onePOS brings the power of Internet-based loyalty processing to your single or multi-location restaurants without the associated huge setup and per-transaction costs.
  • The oneMetrix viGuest system is incredibly flexible, allowing you to configure promotions down to the item level that drives incremental business as well as reward your loyal customers, all in an automatic way that keeps your staff focused on your operations and minimizes fraud.
  • Definable messages print on the customer’s receipt based on the number of points the customer currently has available.